uTodo Free 1.0

Easy to use task manager with support for GTD


  • Organize tasks in different lists
  • Sort tasks according to different criteria
  • Saves database automatically
  • Convert tasks into sticky notes


  • No button toolbar
  • Few options for tasks and sticky notes


Being on top of all your pending tasks can be difficult. Using a program like uTodo can help you handle your workload in a more effective way.

uTodo is a simple task manager with a clear, clean design. It enables you to create different lists of pending tasks and organize them in several ways: by date, by priority, or according to the tags you've assigned to them. The fact that you can separate them in different lists also contributes to a better organization.

uTodo is very easy to use and has some nice extra features, such as the ability to export your task list to TXT or HTML, convert a selected task into a sticky note or automatically save your database. Also, the program can be used with the popular GTD system, as it includes a template that's been especially designed to follow the steps of this productivity methodology.

On the downside, uTodo doesn't feature a button toolbar (which could make it even easier to use) and features few options for tasks and sticky notes.

With uTodo you'll be able to handle your pending tasks in a much more organized way.



uTodo Free 1.0

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  • by Anonymous

    Simple, intuitive, quick to use and flexible - very handy app.
    I have found it great as a simple way to track, c...   More